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Bailey Hill Estate Lands:

Price: $US 9.00 & 12.00 per sq. ft.

Location: Falmouth Area


In the area of Falmouth , St. Paul's Parish, lies the historic Bailey Hill Estate. The estate comprises 20 acres of prime land, hilltop, hillside and valley, covered in the lush vegetation of an ancient tropical rainforest.

It was on Bailey Hill that, ca. 1773, the second Moravian church of Antigua, the original Grace Hill Church, was erected.

Although easily accessible, Bailey Hill has been virtually untouched for many years. Now, the estate is to be sold for development.

Eighteen building plots have been created, ranging in size from approx. 24,000 sq.ft. to approx. 91,000 sq.ft., while some green areas have been retained for beautification.

Great care has been taken to open two roads on the estate, while preserving its ecology.

The entire estate will be surrounded by a peripheral fence for security and privacy.

The sea is in view from each of the newly created plots. Naturally, the hilltop above Springhill offers a wonderful panorama overlooking Falmouth Harbor, English Harbor, Nelson's Dockyard, Pigeon Point, Dieppe Bay, Liberta and much more.

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