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Coral Villas: Reduced Price

$US 165,000.00
6 well appointed 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom villas.
Royal Gardens House:

$US 450,000.00
3 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms executive house.
Hodges Bay Gardens: New Listing

$US 600,000.00
with 4 bedroom 4 1/2 bathroom house.
Carib House: New Listing

$US 3.4 Mil
Blue Waters Grey Gate House:

$US 699,000.00
2 / 3 bedrooms 2 bathroom family home with A/C and great view.
Paradise Gardens:

$US On Request
Executive Living Complex
Ferris Farm:

$US 223,000.00
Carlisle Property:

$US 538,000.00
4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms single level with loft situated on a hilltop, sits on 1.64 acres of land. House includes garage, family room, den, study(loft), generator room, tool room, double cistern,
Pillar Rock: New Listing

$US 299,000.00
Fully Furnished 1 bedroom villa with A/C and great view
Marble Hill:

$US ^600,000.00
Fitches Creek:

$US 650,000.00
3 bedroom 3 bathroom furnished house.
Lower Level 2 bedroom 2 bathroom.
Upper level 1 bedroom self contained unit.
Browns Bay:

$US 2,700,000
4 bedroom 4 bathroom luxury house overlooking the beach front with swimming pool

$US 1 million
6 bedroom 4 1/2 bathroom executive house with swimming pool.
Hodges Bay HJ: New Listing

$US 400,000.00
3 bedroom 2 bathroom furnished or UN-furnished house with fenced yard, manicured lawn and matured trees and plants.

Long Bay: New Listing

$US 1,500,000.00

Marble's Paradise: New Listing

$US 650,000.00
Executive House
Cedar Valley: New Listing

$US 850,000.00
3 bedroom 3 bathroom house with great panoramic view.
Olive House: New Listing

$US 525,000.00
3 bedroom 2 bathroom and 1 bedroom self contained unit with swimming pool.
Villa Mariposa: New Listing

$US 1,550,000 Mil
Foxtail Picadilly: New Listing

$US 1.4 Million
Hodges Bay LW: New Listing

Olivers: New Listing

$US 595,000.00
Ocean Heights Hodges Bay:

$US 585,000.00
3 bedrooms 2 1/2 bathroom house with A/C

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