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About Antigua

Tropical climate, delicious food, friendly people, perfect beaches – welcome to Antigua and Barbuda. If you are not already aware, Antigua and Barbuda is a, 440 km2, twin-island state, located in the middle of the Caribbean sea. It is home to approximately 92,000 people and is surrounded by an impressive 365 beaches.

Antigua, the larger, more populous and more developed part of the twin-isle, houses the capital city, dozens of hotels, and the main shopping and business centers. Barbuda, though considerably smaller, is breathtakingly beautiful and is the home of pink-sand beaches, limestone caves, one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the western hemisphere, and arguably the tastiest lobster you have ever sampled. Collectively, they are the combination of unspoiled landscape, West-Indian culture and natural beauty, that you did not know you needed to experience.

One of the things that makes Antigua and Barbuda such a special place to both live, vacation and retire, is its unique size and topography. Due in part to the island being remarkably flat, regardless of where you choose to live on the island, almost nothing will be more than 45 minutes away from you at any given time. Additionally, the locals who have a reputation for “all knowing each other” take pride in being peaceful, which ultimately creates a very safe community feel.

Lastly, because nothing is more than an hour away (even with traffic) residents always have a very chilled, relaxed, “no-worries” approach to life, all of which makes for an incredibly relaxing atmosphere to live, work, school, vacation and retire. Have you booked your flight yet? We look forward to your arrival – and once you get here be sure to check ABI Realty for all of your real estate needs. See you soon!

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